Is It Really Worth it to Buy QKZ VK1 Earphone

Here we talk about QKZ VK1 Earphone high Fidelity sound user experience, Durableness and dynamic dual driver with the premium quality experience, if you are a music lover and probably you don’t have a big budget to expand on expansive branded headphone than QKZ VK1 is the absolutely is best choice for high bass earphones category.

That is the reason for here I’m going to give a neutral point of view to understand Why QKZ Earphone to be best in-ear headphone in Europe? It looks good to you; I Know probably most of the readers think I’m going to start brainstorming to make up their mind to buy a QKZ Earphone but it not that happing, here I’m going to share my opinions with you towards the QKZ VK1 Dual Driver Earphone.

The best sounding in-ear headphones that make you crazy with great features while you’ll definitely going to love the mini power classic headphones devices let’s get started
The First reason is QKZ VK1 4DD earphone have amazing Coaxial Four Elements the boosted sound quality that you even can’t imagine in the price of under 15 Euro in Europe and under 20 Doller in the USA. Let’s have a look what it is the Coaxial Four Elements this is the structure of normal Stereo Speaker which have four layers of coaxial structure which uses the main speaker in different appliances like TV and Radio and other equipment’s.

Ahhh! Don’t worry, I do not go in depth to explain in the electronic mechanism technicalities or nor even discuss on physics Laws of Reflection of Sound neither bore you it just diagram showing to understand how the normal speaker working with the element.

Let’s have a look on mechanism

I hope you would understand the whole concept of Coaxial Four Elements and why it be better to in earbud earphones if not then you have authority to raise your opinion in a down blow and I will try to explain or help you best as possible.

The Second Reason is to buy the QKZ VK1 4DD detachable cable wire with is definitely have plus advantage of earbud earphones categories best cheap headphones nowadays if you compare with big brands like Sony Dr.Beats and Skull candy, Marshall or others are given this option but these are too much expansive which cost would be more than the 200€ euros and in  $250 Dollars.

Literally, I’m not against on these expansive headphone brands they all have very goods Headphone and well establish brands equity in Europe, but in best cheap headphones ranges as compare to the price and features point of view the QKZ earphones is the Flagship winner if you would buy in Europe then QKZ product range starts from €5 Euro to €30 Euro also it depends on the Models.

I supposed on that quality it is nothing to pay much to enjoy the Beats music with best budget headphones  

Anyway again I’m getting off to the topic, let’s come to the point good quality earphones Detachable Cable QKZ have pure copper wire coated Premium quality rubber and  most probably you got two options, neither you use wire version or attach with the Bluetooth cable but when you buy cable version you would receive for Bluetooth you would probably spend more €6 euro to upgrade, if I said it a smart earphone option then it would definitely not wrong because it would be yours Sport Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 or 5.0  or cable earphone at all up to your choice. 

What do you think is it really worth it? supposed you using a wire cable and accidentally it was damage the sensitive copper figments break down then don’t you worry at all just buy a cable attach with the hybrid dual diver headphone and always enjoy stress less music.

I always welcome to reader to come and suggest some valuable opinion for making a future innovative products.
Is It Really Worth it to Buy QKZ VK1 Earphone Is It Really Worth it to Buy QKZ VK1 Earphone Reviewed by QKZ official on February 04, 2019 Rating: 5


  1. So WHAT'S the differences between this vk1,vk2,vk3?

    1. Sound Difference, Bass Difference, also have driver units difference which produces sounds


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