Top 5 Best Sounding & Unique Designs Earbuds in 2020 – QKZ Earphones

Best in Design 
QKZ KD10 Noise Reduction

This model has an attractive elegant looking design, it looks just like your traditional headphones, but when you stop and check the details the elegant black color and the exquisite finish you can tell right away there’s a difference when it comes to looks and appearance.

But, thy shall not be deceived for this is not just a “pretty face” this model is equipped with a dual bass to give a massive musical effect, high resistance wire and a design that makes it easy to fit in-ear and as a plus is very comfortable to wear. It works for computer, mobile devices, tablet, PC and others.

Metal Bass 
KZ ED4 Metal Stereo Bass

If you are still into the traditional earphones design then this is another good choice for you. Made out of metal with improved HiFi 3D sound and it counts with active noise reduction (great deal, if you ask me) it also features a HD microphone, it’s available in two colors: Grey and silver.

The ergonomics of this model is extremely comfortable and it allows the user to use them for a large amount of time.

The sound KZ ED4 generates is powerful, vibrant with a great bass and a spatiality sensation like no other.

Heavy Bass 
QKZ VK3 Special Edition

A modern in-ear design that truly stands out in the crow. Not only does this one cancel outside noise, it’s also waterproof, so it’s ideal for athletes and sports people. Also, it’s worth mentioning the fact that it won a German Award for its sophisticated design and equipment quality.

It’s available on these colors: Black, purple, blue and white.

Best Bass 
QKZ CK2 Four Diver HiFl

These are a QKZ special edition with a gold-plated shell that features a HD microphone. It has a transverse structure that enhances a very strong resolution; don’t wait less than this from a HiFl earphone. Highly comfortable, it adapts to any kind of ear so you can enjoy your music without any kind of annoyance.

Balanced Bass 
KZ ES3 Hybrid Armature

A detachable in-ear model that has a hybrid balanced armature that has an improved details resolution with mid, low and high frequency. Its armature has several advantages like the balancing on the bass and the treble sounds. The design is ergonomic so is very comfortable to use.
The capacitive microphone designed with double capacity supports HD calls with the north American/International norm for phones interfaces. It’s also available in very appealing colors like blue and purple. This one is a must for its versatility and potential.

Top 5 Best Sounding & Unique Designs Earbuds in 2020 – QKZ Earphones Top 5 Best Sounding & Unique Designs Earbuds in 2020 – QKZ Earphones Reviewed by QKZ official on July 26, 2019 Rating: 5


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